The costume that started it all- Queen Nefertiti. 
My family and I made the costume in exactly one week for a Living History Day event at a friend’s school. I was asked to be a historical figure from ancient times, and after a bit of research, I decided on the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. Queen Nefertiti and her husband, Amenhotep IV, were the only monotheistic pharaohs. They were also the only Egyptian rulers pictured as being affectionate towards their children in temple reliefs. 

My second costume adventure began with a project I did for my Art History college class. 

The 8,000 terracotta warriors, weighing 600 pounds each, were made to protect and defend Emperor Qin Shi Huang from the spirits of soldiers his army killed. Since the Chinese believe the soul continues to live after death, they believe that possessions taken into the afterlife determine success there. For example, in China today, people burn money for their loved ones to have in the afterlife. The purpose of the terracotta wars was to increase the emperor’s status for all eternity. 

My project for the class inspired me last summer, and I decided to try and make a costume. I used cardboard, foam board, brads, spray paint, fabric, and rain boots to create the costume.

I would love to see or read about costumes you’ve made. Comment below!