Home for the summer and burning to once again be artistic after a semester filled with essay writing, tutoring, and Shakespeare, I decided to design and create another costume. Last summer, I made a terracotta warrior costume and wore it for Halloween so I figured I could make another costume for Halloween during the time I have this summer. 
As much as I love Disney, costumes from Disney films are common. I am usually drawn to costumes representing a historical character or time period, but I wanted something unusual, unique, and whimsical this time. My love for the board game Candyland was the answer. Around Christmas, I started thinking about the prospect of being a Candyland character for Halloween (probably due to inspiration from my Candyland themed Christmas tree and my obsession with sweets). 
After considering Princess Lolly and Queen Frostine, I finally chose the one costume I found the most intricate and delightful- King Candy. 

King Candy has the most favorable color scheme, and ultimately, I saw it turning into the most successful costume. I decided to modify it to be a female version in the style of this Marie Antoinette-esqe costume I found on Pinterest.

I researched to see other King Candy costumes, and these are some of the results:
My drawing:
Right now, I’m planning on making the cupcake/pie hat and stick with expanding foam, the Elizabethan collar from acetate and wire, the sleeves from rubber poppers and tights, the corset cookies with felt and red fish bowl rocks, and the skirt from tulle and other material. I’m trying to find candy cane tights online and red shoes. Be looking for more posts soon about my progress so far. And as always, leave suggestions, questions, and comments below.