On Easter Sunday, Joy rescued yet another animal- her first squirrel! My family ended up naming the squirrel Elsa because they need to “let it go.” When the squirrel was little, it was unable to fend for itself and Joy needed to look after it. A few of my favorite squirrel facts I’ve learned from Joy are:
  1. squirrels are right and left handed like people
  2. birdseed is like candy to squirrels

When my family came to visit me at college, during the last weekend of April, they had no choice but to bring the squirrel along with them, and it got to stay in a hotel! Originally, Joy kept Elsa in a large dog crate, but eventually, she moved Elsa to a large bird cage. Elsa is supposed to go into the clear green house at the top left corner, but she keeps sliding down the stick leading up to it. 

Elsa also took the straw stuffing out of this hanging ball to make a nest for herself, as pictured above. 

Elsa was very interested in my camera.

Elsa on her bridge. 

Eating an apple from Mom. 

Stay tuned to find out if Joy is able to let it go!

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