When I got home from work Friday evening, my family was excitedly talking about going to pick up some baby birds that had fallen through a crack in the ceiling of a doctor’s office my mom and sisters had visited earlier that day. My mom was talking to the receptionist about homeschooling and mentioned that Joy liked to take care of animals. Later that day, the staff could hear the birds through the wall and figured they would just have to be left outside to die. The kind receptionist remembered my sister and called my mom to see if Joy would want them. So we drove an hour each way to pick up three baby birds, which we believe are mockingjays. I mean, mockingbirds. 😉

This smaller and weaker bird had to be separated from the others because they kept stepping on it.
Joy holds them on the car ride home.
The birds had to be fed as soon as we got home. Joy used some formula she had leftover from other birds she has taken care of. The formula is a powder mixed with warm water and delivered through a syringe. Because the formula dries hard, the birds’ faces have to be continually cleaned with a damp towel during the feeding. Baby birds are also unable to have water because they could drown from it!

Little birds are messy!

Mom researches to find out what type they are. 

I will post more pictures and updates soon. Leave questions below.