Friday night, my mom discovered an egg had fallen out of a dove’s nest she had been keeping her eye on throughout the week. She tried to find the nest or parents but couldn’t, which left her with no other choice but to take the egg inside and hope it hatches. 
Right now, the egg is kept in a box with a hand towel and heated blanket.

Another rescue occurred Friday night when mom found a little cardinal Joy had been watching in our backyard for several days. We had been extra careful not to let the dogs anywhere near the nest whenever they went outside, but upon arriving home early on Friday evening, my mom realized the bird had been attacked! We aren’t sure what attacked it but think it looks like it was bit by a larger animal, and we fear it won’t live much longer.

Finally, here is the promised update on the mockingbirds! They have changed SO MUCH in only a week. 

More recent pictures-