Because squirrels build nests to live in, part of the preparation for letting Elsa go involves her being able to have a nest of her own. Joy researched and discovered that squirrels are territorial and that if a squirrel enters another’s territory, it can be attacked. My parents bought Elsa a clear green house that they will transfer to a tree so Elsa will have somewhere to live once she is released since she never learned how to build a nest.
It took some time for Elsa to get into the house, which is located at the top left corner of her cage. The stick leading up to it is really smooth, and Elsa kept sliding down every time she tried to climb up towards the house. Finally, Elsa was able to make it to the house, and she now crawls in to sleep quite often. She has also taken a toy and her blanket up there.

This is where Elsa previously slept.

Elsa has also been enjoying a new snack lately- pine cones covered with peanut butter and bird seed.