I cannot stay organized (or sane) without using a planner.
I always have a planner for the school year. Here is a picture of mine from last year:
May it rest in peace.
The responsibilities, assignments, and demands for the summer started to pile up, and I knew that if I wanted to NOT lose my mind, I needed to develop a system FAST.

This is when the Bullet Journal came to my rescue. 
I first discovered the magic of the Bullet Journal on the blog Stone Soup for Five, an uplifting mixture of homeschooling adventures, practical tips, and the amazing doodle Bible studies.
If you want to see Kari’s original post on the Bullet Journal, click here.
And if you still can’t get enough of this organizational goodness, she has also written about her Bullet Journal experiences here and here. Go ahead and get inspired because this is nothing short of flat-out brilliance. 
So I decided to try out the Bullet Journal for myself and let you see the results. Consider this a Bullet Journal review. Yes, I am reviewing a method of planning. I am officially obsessed with organization. Someone please help.
Let me begin by stating that Bullet Journals are supposed to be made in notebooks with squared pages. But I was so excited that I didn’t want to wait to get to the store to buy one so I began using an old spiral notebook leftover from the semester. 
I decided to customize the traditional Bullet Journal outline to fit my needs. 
I began by making a separate heading for each page. I have ITALIAN, BLOG, TEACHING, COSTUME, DISNEY, PEOPLE, & SCHOOL. I’m used to seeing a mixture of unsorted topics across the pages of my planner, but with the Bullet Journal method, each category is segregated, and I get fewer headaches and panic attacks. 
My Italian heading- easy to read- and my first “task.” 
Each line gets only one task which has a box that I can fill in when I complete it. I write in all-caps for a cleaner look. 

If I have several tasks due on the same day, I draw a bar on the side and date it with the due date.
A series of due dates grouped together. 
Once I run out of room, I flip over to the back.

I like to leave a blank line in-between each task so that I can go back later and add tasks if I need to. 
If you want to learn more about the Bullet Journal, I found this video helpful:

Please leave questions in the comments below or send me a message on the side bar. I would love to answer questions or go into further detail! Also, I’m very curious to know if you have tried this method of planning and how it worked out for you. Let me know how you stay organized, and have a magical day!