Speaker: Fabienne Harford

Ministry: Breakaway Ministries

You can listen to “The Right Refuge” here.

Who or what should be our refuge? Most Christians would answer God, but is He really the first thing you turn to when you are feeling bad? And can you honestly say you would choose Him over having the life of your dreams? Fabienne talks about what a refuge is and how it is defined in Psalm 16. She discusses how to evaluate current and negative places of refuge and how only God can satisfy and deliver safety.

My notes:

The right refuge is a guarantee of safety, protection, and shelter.

We are all ultimately seeking JOY & HAPPINESS in a refuge.

It’s not enough to believe God CAN, but we must also fully trust the fact that He WILL.

What is the type of refuge God offers (defined in Psalm 16)?


1. shapes a person’s life

2. steers and counsels

3. keeps steady

4. saves

What will save you from your personal level of hell?

Culture says “self saves”

Only God should steer


The one you would choose over everything even the perfect life

not a Plan B

the best choice out of all options

the most pleasure

How do you find your current refuge?

“What do you go to to feel better?”

How does it compare to what God offers?

What do you want out of a refuge? To feel safe or BE safe.


Personal thoughts:

I had never heard Fabienne before, but she was definitely a gifted speaker. Her sermon was organized, and she was honest about relating her own struggles to what she was talking about. I really liked how she talked about the difference between feeling like you’re safe and actually BEING safe. Sometimes, our lives make us feel like God is failing to provide as a refuge, especially in those times when we wonder, “Why are you letting this happen to me, God?!” But Fabienne reminds that only God is qualified to be a refuge, and even when it doesn’t feel safe or happy, we are in the safest place we can be because God knows what is best.

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Have a blessed day!

Is. 41:10