This week, there’s M O R E to love because, instead of five favorite pins, I’m sharing TEN. 

I figure I owe it to my readers since I didn’t post over the weekend. I worked back to back shifts for both jobs on Friday and Saturday. I also worked all day Sunday and got a migraine so when I made it home, I was not feeling well enough to blog (until late, late, late Sunday night/Monday morning because that’s when the medication decided to kick in and finally work).

I apologize for my little personal rant, but let’s get started . . .

10. This lovely French bathroom pinned on INTERIORS


9. These classy 2015 planners by Kate Spade pinned on PRESENTS


8. Floating lanterns in Poland pinned on PLACES I WANT TO VISIT


7. Katniss boots pinned on SHOES


6. For my next Disney trip pinned on CLEVER


5. An easy way to find my next favorite book pinned on BOOKS


4. This precious 1940s couple pinned on NOSTALGIA


3. What I would like to wake up to every morning pinned on SWEET DREAMS


2. Retro wedding invitations pinned on WEDDINGS


1. These adorable cupcake friends pinned on LET THEM EAT CAKE



Now it’s time for my wins, and I guess it’s only fair to share 10 . . . 

10. Finishing my first Italian class

9. Only closing one night this week at work

8. Nostalgic 90s music

7. Being able to work on my costume 

6. New Frozen folders as a special present from Mom

5. Speaking of special things from Mom, the yummy salads, snacks, and iced coffees waiting for me when I got home from work

4. Doing different things with my hair, like braiding it when I usually leave it down 

3. Laughing with my hilarious sisters

2. Seeing a firework while driving home from work on July 4th

1. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful 

Have a blessed day. Comments & questions are welcome.

Is. 41:10