Last week, I had a day off from work so I decided to work on my much-neglected Candyland costume. 

I began with the cherries, which are rubber poppers I ordered from Amazon. I was actually going to use them for the berries for my sleeves, but I ordered the miniature ones and decided they would be too small. I didn’t want to pay to ship them back so I decided to make them into cherries for my headpiece and stick.



I painted the poppers with Americana’s Gloss Enamels “Tuscan Red” acrylic paint. The stripes show through, but it looks more realistic.


I’m not sure why they look darker in this picture because I didn’t switch paints. It’s probably the lighting.


After the paint had dried, I was ready to glue them to the hat with a hot glue gun.



Now, I’ll tell you about some mistakes I made. Before the hat could be ready for the plastic headband I bought, I had to cover the bottom with felt. I messed it up because I forgot to hollow out the expanding foam. So after I had used a hot glue gun to attach the felt, I had to remove it (more like cut, tear, and aggressively rip). 

As one of my teachers used to say, “Live with your brain turned on.” 

This was a good time for that advice.




After I got as much of the felt off as I could, I began cutting into the expanding foam. 




Once I’m done removing what’s left of the felt, I will recover the inside and figure out a way to secure it to my head.


If there is one thing that costume making has taught me, it’s that mistakes are inevitable but informative. Something ALWAYS goes wrong when I’m making one of my costumes (usually because I’m doing an original design without instructions). It can get discouraging at times, especially when I can’t figure out what material to use or how to attach pieces to each other (this is the worst!), but I think the challenge is part of what makes it so rewarding in the end. 

Whether you are making a costume or trying something new or struggling with the same thing every single day, be encouraged and know that perseverance, determination, and hard work will make it better. It will make YOU better. 

Comment below and share your projects. Have a blessed day!

Is. 41:10