After I finished my online classes and work for the summer, I had about two weeks before I had to come back to school. Here are several things I did that wrapped up my summer:

1. My costume adventure is over (at least for now).

Considering how much work I have left to do on my costume, I decided to put it aside for now. If you aren’t sure what costume I’m referring to, it’s my Candyland costume. With two jobs and homework every day, I was only able to finish most of the headpiece and the stick. I didn’t finish any of the actual dress. I have stored the pieces and will try and pick it up again at a time when I can actually make progress on it.

2. I had a super fun sleepover with my sisters.

Before I headed back to school, I wanted to do something extra special for my little sisters so I decided to surprise them with a sleepover. They had been wanting to see the new Pirate Fairy movie so we rented that and watched a few others while coloring and eating lots of junk food (because that’s what sleepovers are all about, right?). It was a total surprise to them and a really nice way to spend some time together before I left.

party prep







3. I attended the Global Leadership Summit.

The GLS is one of my favorite things about summer, and for the fourth year in a row, I was able to hear some of the brightest and most inspiring speakers the world has to offer, such as Carly Fiorina, Patrick Lencioni, Jeffrey Immelt, Susan Cain, Tyler Perry, and Louie Giglio. The GLS encourages leaders to take the initiative to get better at what they lead in order to increase their influence and grow their organization. 


Here are a few of my favorite notes from the conference:

Carly FiorinaFormer CEO of Hewlett-Packard-

“The highest calling of leadership is to unlock potential.” 

“Jesus went among the poor because they had potential, not because He felt bad for them.” 

Patrick LencioniBest-selling Business Author; Founder and President, The Table Group-

“Why should someone be a leader? Because they want to sacrifice themselves for the good of others.” 

“People don’t want us to be perfect; they want us to be human.” 

Allen Catherine KaginaCommissioner General, Uganda Revenue Authority-

“We cannot allow prayer to be a crutch to do nothing.”

“If you’re not going to do anything about the answer, don’t ask.” 

Louie GiglioPastor, Passion City Church; Founder of the Passion Movement-

“The goal is not to get up the mountain but to fall in the arms of Jesus.”

“Embrace the darkness because God is preparing you for a greater role in His unfolding story.”


And that just about sums up my short summer! I’m all moved into college now and have started classes. This semester, I’m taking Contemporary Novels, American Literature, Evangelical Theology, and Cultural Geography, as well as participating in Great Abandon Dance Ministry and working in the English Department!

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