1. Restful and fun weekend at home with my family– Last weekend, I went home and enjoyed some quality time with my wonderful family. My mom made some yummy meals for me and delightful treats- lemon muffins, chocolate chip sea salt cookies, nutella ice cream pie (so sorry I didn’t take a picture)! My sisters and I watched Once Upon a Time together, and I got to see the latest additions to Joy’s pet collection- blowfish, koi fish, and a frog. Also, my dad was able to fix my laptop, which is a relief since it’s been down for about a month. Thankfully, I will be going home this weekend too for Fall Break!

2. Bonding with new friends on my hall– Friday night, I went to a sleepover with the girls on my hall. A couple who works at my university sponsors our hall and invited us to their house. They grilled hamburgers for us and made a splendid breakfast. We enjoyed talking, playing games (lights out hide and seek!), watching chick flicks, and giggling. It was a great way to get to know people better.

3. Volunteering at an elementary school– As a member of Sigma Tau Delta (the international honor society for English majors), I have volunteered to read to children at the local elementary school. Friday morning was my first day, and I got to help a kindergarten teacher and play educational games with kids and help them write their letters. It was SO fun and interesting to see how much schools have changed since I’ve been.

4. Hearing my friends say they prayed for me– When I got back from my weekend at home, my friends casually mentioned something about praying for my laptop over the weekend. I laughed and asked when they did that, and they told me it was Sunday night- the night my dad was working very hard to get it fixed. Also, when I shared something I was worrying about concerning the future, they told me they had already been praying about it. That is what real friends do, and it is honestly comforting to know that they think of me and pray for me without me even realizing it. 

5. Fall is finally happening– The weather has been beautiful. It’s finally colder, and there’s just enough rain and mist to make the trees and sky look like reading a novel. Or walking through one. I can finally wear boots, sweaters, and scarves. Pumpkins are starting to appear- in their original form as well as pumpkin spice lattes, ice cream, and baked goods. The leaves are more red, and I need a blanket when I’m sitting in my room to do homework. Welcome, Fall. I love you. 


5. Hansel and Gretal Halloween costumes pinned onto COSTUMES

Hansel and Gretel costumes - so cute for a brother and sister #literary #costumes #halloween

4. Pretty pink heels pinned onto SHOES

Strut You Wanted Heel in Ivory. That commanding strut in your step today is attributed to these ivory heels by Irregular Choice! #cream #wedding #bride #modcloth

 3. Fall outfit pinned onto FASHION

Fall is all about brilliant colors and blue skies.

 2. The CUTEST baby sea animals pinned onto AMUSING

 The 30 Cutest Sea Creatures To Ever Swim Their Way Into Your Heart @notme7

1. Awesome cassette notecards pinned onto CLEVER

To the Tune and Back Notecard Set

Have a blessed week! 

Is. 41:10