When I went home for Fall Break this past weekend, I finished my Halloween costume.

What originally started as a Candyland costume ended as a gingerbread girl. I knew I wouldn’t have time to finish my original Candyland design, but I still wanted to use the pieces I had worked on over the summer. The result? A sweet gingerbread girl looking for her gingerbread boyfriend (the one who ran away from the oven, remember?). I have not taken pictures with the whole thing together, but I promise to post them after Halloween. 

For Halloween, I am going to volunteer at a kids trick or treating event downtown with some of the girls who live on my hall. I believe I will be doing face painting, but I’m not completely sure. Afterwards, I will probably go to dinner with my friend group. In the past, we liked going to restaurants in our costumes. 

I know it may be controversial in Christian circles, but what’s more fun than Halloween? Not only do you get candy, but you get to see clever costume ideas and wear your own costume. As an excuse to show off a costume I’ve made, Halloween really is splendid. If I had the resources, I would totally choose costume making as a career. It is so rewarding to come up with solutions to the many challenges, and each costume is a reflection of the creator’s imagination and personality.

That being said, please do not hesitate to share YOUR costumes with The Cupcake Caravan. Email your pictures to thecupcakecaravanblog@gmail.com, and I will choose favorites to post (with your permission). 

Stay tuned for a special Halloween edition of Top Pins and Wins, and have a wonderful week!