1. Halloween!

As I’ve already mentioned, I had a SWEET Halloween. I dressed as a Gingerbread Girl, and my best friend and I volunteered at a kids trick or treating event. Afterwards, we went to our school’s Halloween party followed by a movie with our friends and Waffle House! My mom also made the day extra special by sending me delicious dark chocolate bark and gingerbread men cookies! 

10354169_10204923183821792_4399441287952679179_n 10518993_10204923186741865_8876048452599029233_n

2. My birthday

I turned 21 this past Friday and had a wonderful evening with friends. We went out to dinner, and I had a delicious thai noodle salad (pictured below) and brown butter vanilla ice cream. Fancy! Then, we watched The Importance of Being Earnest with our friend group. My mom also sent me a box filled with birthday goodies and . . . cupcakes!!! 

10624765_10152495180867963_713993063960240475_nIMG_0079 (1)

3. I’m a chef now

A little over a week ago, my hall went to a cooking class where we learned how to make White Bean Chicken Basil Chili, and we each got to take home a bag with all of the ingredients to make it ourselves. So I tried the recipe and guess what? It worked! A first for me when it comes to cooking. 

IMG_4713 IMG_4714

4. Fall outfits

It’s finally time to wear knitted hats, scarves, sweaters, and boots so how could I not be happy about that?!

IMG_4673 IMG_4699

5. Finally reading a new book for my Contemporary Novel class!

The last highlight of my week has been completing a book I really hated and starting one I really love. I won’t name the book I disliked, but let’s just say that I was relieved to finish it along with everyone else in the class. The book I’m reading now is Atonement by Ian McEwan, and so far, I love it! I have seen the movie so I know what will happen, but reading the book adds layers to the characters and the scenery, and it’s just quite lovely after the other book (which will remain unnamed). 



5. Dress from Anthropologie

pretty look for the fall #anthrofave

4. Beautiful chalkboard art

chalkboard wall flowers

3. Norway (or heaven, basically)

Flam, Norway

2.  Matchstick bobby pins

matchstick bobby pins

1. DIY coffee candles?!

DIY coffee candles - because sometimes a whiff of coffee is pure heaven....... That's BRILLIANT!!