To celebrate- My last undergrad paper and class! 

This one is actually kind of sad too. I had my final undergrad class (Contemporary Novel) and turned in my last undergrad paper (for American Literature) on Friday afternoon. It hasn’t really hit me that I’m finished yet. Of course, I have finals this coming week so I’m not totally done, but I won’t have another class. 

Poe paper

To listen to- Classical music playlists

I found this playlist on 8tracks and am IN LOVE. It has a ton of Mozart and opera so it’s flawless. 

To wear- Sparkly sweaters








To watch- Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

My best friend (who has remarkable taste) told me about this show, and it’s darling! It’s basically cheesy detective stories meets glamorous 1920s life and gorgeous costumes I wish could wear and a fantastic female lead who is independent and classy and smart. While it’s not BBC’s Sherlock, it is still quite entertaining. 

To look forward to- Graduation!


In less than seven days, I will have a Bachelor’s degree in English!! 

I cannot believe it. It’s so surreal. I’m excited about freedom from the pressure and stress and paper writing and exams but afraid of saying goodbye to everyone I love. It’s just unbelievable that it is all about to be over.

To eat- The picture says it all. 

FullSizeRender (1)

To know- This quote from my hero, Donald Miller:

What if it weren’t necessary for you to make an impact to be loved by God?

What if He were that good of a God?



5. This dream wedding dress pinned onto WEDDING

Looks like I found my wedding dress

4. This DIY dresser turned bookcase pinned onto CLEVER

Love the idea of buying an old dresser and painting the inside to make it a bookshelf!

3. Possibly the cutest shoes ever pinned onto SHOES


2. This DIY cupcake ornament pinned onto CHRISTMAS

Cupcake Ornaments - Almost Supermom

1. The truth about finals week pinned onto AMUSING

30 Photos That Perfectly Capture The Finals Week Struggle

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