To watchBig Hero 6 and Into the Woods

Big Hero 6 was much better than I expected, and Into the Woods was my favorite movie of 2014. The music and storyline is so clever and entertaining. It is cast so well and the costumes and set are amazing. I LOVED it. You must see it if you haven’t already!

To celebrate- Christmas!

If you want to see what my Christmas was like, click on the link above.

IMG_1645To eat- Red velvet cupcakes


To listen to- My “GOODBYE” playlist on Grooveshark

To play with- Instagram

When I got my iPhone as my graduation present, I couldn’t wait to start an Instagram! I love looking at other people’s accounts, but it’s impossible to make one without a device. Now that I finally have one, I LOVE using it. If you want to see what I’m posting, click on the link above.


To drink- Spicy dark hot chocolate


To know-

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5. This adorable coffee-making station pinned onto COFFEE

4. This promising sequel pinned onto AMUSING

3. This smart shoe storage solution pinned onto CLEVER

I would love to not have shoes in my closet.. Good idea for a small closet

2. This charming outfit pinned onto FASHION

1. This festive gift wrap pinned onto CLEVER

DIY “Shake It” Gift Wrap


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Have a blessed week!

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