To eat- Pinkberry frozen yogurt

Mango flavored, with fresh strawberries, raspberries, pineapples, kiwis, blueberries, and honey!

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To watch- White Christmas

I watched this for the first time, and it was adorable! Definitely had some funny moments and incredible dance scenes (like the one below).

To know-

Believe it.

darling, you are fabulous

To do with family- Shopping trip!

We went shopping a few days ago, and it was so nice. My mom and sisters and I love to shop, and it has been forever since we’ve gone to our favorite mall. We just strolled around, and it was really relaxing and chill. A great way to take a break from some stressful days. Here’s my sister Joy and I waiting for my other sister Faith to finish trying on some clothes.

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To try- An update- new blog background, more pages, and my first ever vlog!

You’ve probably noticed by now, but The Cupcake Caravan has a brand new cupcake background (complete with Mickey sprinkles!) to replace the pink and white polka dot. I also added some pages to help my lovely readers find posts more easily. I also successfully filmed and edited my very first Disney College Program vlog, which you can watch below. To stay tuned for more videos, subscribe to my channel by clicking HERE.

To receive- Comments from my readers!

Blogging is hard work so it’s really rewarding to receive positive feedback, which is why I was so excited to see how many of you responded to the post about my mom’s bird painting!! I’m really glad you enjoyed hearing that story.



5. This perfect bobby pin case pinned onto CLEVER

Tic Tac Bobby Pin Case

4. This vital information pinned onto TO-DO @ DISNEY

Where to get your Cup O’ Joe (coffee) at Walt Disney World?

3. This vegan thai salad recipe pinned onto FOOD

Raw Vegan Tangled Thai Salad 1 cup chopped napa cabbage 1/3 cup sliced jicama (cut into small sticks) 2/3 cup shredded or spiralized carrot 2/3 cup shredded or spiralized yellow beet 4 tbsp Peanut Lime Dressing (recipe follows) 3 slices cucumber, halved 2 tsp chopped raw peanuts 2 tbsp Fresh Salad Topper (recipe follows) 1 lime wedge 2 to 3 tbsp chopped cilantro ...for peanut dressing see link

2. This ring to oooh and ahhhh over pinned onto WEDDING

OH MY. I think this just might be it! Brilliant Earth Lotus Flower ring in rose gold, about 1 carat center diamond. I die.

1. Some Bible journaling fun pinned onto FONTS


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