to celebrate | The arrival of my journaling Bible!

FINALLY. It’s here.

it's here

Also, my sisters are third time regional champions of the Future City Competition now!

Their challenge was to create a way to feed an entire city with one vegetable and one protein. They had to play the SIMS City game, write a research essay, a narrative essay, design and build a model of the city, and write and perform a presentation under seven minutes to a panel of judges. They won a trip to Washington, D. C. to compete at the national level. I couldn’t be more proud!


to watch | Gilmore Girls

I am obsessed with this show. What do I mean by obsessed? Is watching an average of three episodes a day obsessed enough for you?

Is it a show?

to do with family | Sleepover with my sisters

What do you get when you put all three High School Musical movies together with baked treats, gourmet popcorn, singing along, and sleeping in my sister’s new (and awesome) bunk bed? Perfection. And being really tired the next day.

to listen to | Jack Johnson’s In Between Dreams album


5. These adorable tea towels (and they’re DIY!) pinned onto CLEVER

Two for Tea Towels, please! #DIY

4. This proposal pinned onto WEDDINGS

best proposal i think i have ever seen

3. These festive balloons (always a time to celebrate, right??) pinned onto CLEVER

#DIY #Confetti Balloon #Tutorial

2. This oh so classy outfit pinned onto FASHION

1. This piece of wisdom pinned onto COFFEE

What's the difference between regular and decaf coffee?

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