I know my readers assume I don’t love them anymore, but I have REALLY good reasons for parking the Caravan for the past seven months.

I was having the time of my life at Walt Disney World.

Not only did I work long hours, but I wanted to spend all of my available time at the parks with my friends. I wasn’t sure how long I would be able to stay so I wanted to make the most of every single moment. 

Now that I’m settled into a new routine, I want to catch you up on all of my exciting adventures and wonderful memories. So you’re invited to follow me through a quick review of the past seven months! 

The weekend before I began my college program, my mom and I visited the Magic Kingdom. One of the highlights was getting to meet Elsa and Anna!


After I checked in, it wasn’t long until I went to my first training session at Disney: Traditions. Here, I learned the secrets to Disney’s outstanding guest service, toured the utilidors, and received my official Cast Member name tag. 


After Traditions, I was free to play in the parks with the greatest friends ever: the Exit Buddies. I met this wonderful group of girls on one of the DCP Facebook groups, and we applied to live together in housing. 


The following week, I began training in my location: Sunset Ranch Market at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I worked as a Quick Service Food & Beverage Cast Member. For part of my training, I was allowed to try the various menu items offered at our restaurants, including these incredible cupcakes!


Sunset Ranch Market is located on Sunset Boulevard and themed after a 1940s Los Angeles Farmers Market. I sold everything from turkey legs to ice cream to pizza to Mickey-shaped pretzels and mac and cheese hot dogs. Yes, isn’t my sunflower outfit adorable?!


On my days off, I usually paid a visit to my boss. . .


or spent time in the parks with my wonderful roommate, Chelsea (also one of the Exit Buddies).


I had about seven different roommates come and go during my time in Disney housing, but one of them was Priscilla. She is basically like a sister to me, and I will never forget some of the things Chelsea, Priscilla, and I did on our college program. It sounds cliche, but I am grateful to have friends like them. 



I also had the opportunity to experience Dapper Day, an event in which hundreds of vintage clothing enthusiasts gather to tour the parks in authentic retro clothing, hair, and accessories. 


I also met characters from my absolute favorite Disney movie, Tangled. Meeting Flynn Rider was a dream come true. He even did the smolder and showed me the crown in his satchel!


I was also fortunate enough to complete two Disney classes during the spring: Exploring Guest Service and Disney Heritage. Both had fantastic and engaging teachers and significantly broadened my knowledge of Disney history and trivia.



About halfway through my program, my family came to visit! We had the best time eating at our favorite restaurants and celebrating my sister Joy’s birthday. 



Not long after my family left, my boyfriend arrived. We celebrated our anniversary and his very first trip to Walt Disney World! 



Then, I experienced my favorite part of my college program so far: Star Wars Weekends. 

Before Star Wars Weekends, I had only seen a few of the films for a school project. I wasn’t into it then and didn’t know who any of the characters were or basic plots. When SWW started, I saw the firework show from my work location one night while I was closing. I was so impressed I decided to go when I was off. After the first weekend, I happened to be off every Saturday and Sunday so I went and completely fell in love. 

SWW is flawless. The character meet and greets, parade, celebrity appearances, merchandise, specialty food, and most importantly, the fireworks are probably one of the best things I’ve ever experienced at a Disney park. 




The Exit Buddies and I took on the challenge of meeting every single princess and visiting all of the parks in one day, and we succeeded! The day began with breakfast at Akhersus in Epcot, where we met Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White, and Ariel, continued in the World Showcase, where we met Jasmine and Mulan, continued to Animal Kingdom, where we met Pocahontas, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where we met Sofia the First, and ended in Magic Kingdom, where we met Anna, Elsa, Rapunzel, and Tiana. We even dressed as our favorite princesses. Can you guess mine? 



Before I knew it, my time as a Cast Member at Sunset Ranch Market ended, and I clocked out of my last shift. 


I graduated! 


(so did the rest of the Exit Buddies)



After an amazing seven months, how could I leave!? I am thankful God gave me the opportunity to extend my college program into a new role (actually, my dream role) as a Fairy Godmother in Training at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. 


Working at the boutique is nothing short of pure magic. 

Everyday, I make children’s dreams come true by transforming them into beautiful princesses and telling them stories. Yes, I work long hours and am often exhausted, but I couldn’t ask for a more rewarding job. I work inside Cinderella’s Castle and live my own dream come true every single day: a reward for those difficult hours spent in quick service. 

Thank you for following my journey here at WDW and stay tuned for more updates. 

Have a magical day.

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